Birch Tree
December 24 - January 20

The Inspiration
Vivacious, attractive, elegant, friendly,
unpretentious,modest, does not like
anything in excess, abhors the vulgar, loves
life in nature and in calm, not very
passionate, full of imagination, little
ambition, creates a calm and content
Celtic name:
Beth (pronounced: beh)
Common names: Beithe, Bereza, Berke, Beth,
Bouleau, Lady of the Woods, Birth, Canoe
Tree, Paper Tree, Silver Birch, White Birch.
“Birch” is derived from the meaning “Bright” or
“Shining” in Indo-European and Sanskrit.

Celtic Lunar Month Info
1st Moon of the Celtic Year  (12.24 to 1.20)
Color: White
Gemstone: Red Chard
Element: Water
Planet: Venus
Bird: Pheasant

The month of Birch is a good time to do
manifesting associated with new beginnings.

Herbal uses, history & folklore below!
Month of Birch
Work done in this moon adds strength and momentum to any new choices made. The Birch has applications
Lunar workings, love, and purification. Protective uses of Birch include tying a red ribbon around the trunk of
for protection, creativity, exorcism, fertility, birth, healing, Forest Magic, Inner Authority/Self-Discipline, a
birch to ward off the evil eye. Also,
gently whapping someone with a Birch twig drives out negative be
perfect to use to make a ‘Goddess’ wand, since Birch is the tree known as ‘the Lady of the Woods’ and a
grove of Birch trees is an excellent place to communicate with the Goddess.

Herbal Usage
Feminine. Parts Used: Leaves, bark, wood, sap, branches.
Leaves can be used to make an infusion that is good for breaking up kidney or bladder stones, bark is an
astringent and can be used to treat non-hereditary baldness.  Tea can be made from the inner bark and
leaves - good for rheumatism or as a sedative to aid sleep. Sap can be harvested the same way maple sap is,
and then boiled down into syrup.

History & Lore
The Birch tree is sacred to the God Thor and the Goddesses Diana and Cerridwen. Birch is considered
to be a Goddess tree, the symbol of summer ever-returning. The Birch is also a special tree to the Celts (“On
a switch of birch was written the first Ogham inscription in Ireland, namely seven B’s, as a warning to Lug son
of Ethliu, to wit, ‘Thy wife will be seven times carried away from you into fairyland or elsewhere, unless birch be
her overseer.” – Robert Graves, The White Goddess) and Birch wood is one of the nine traditional
firewoods to be added to the Belfire that is burned at Beltane. It is one of the three pillars of Wisdom (Oak,
Yew, Birch) and often symbolizes the first level of Druid working. Birch trees often have Otherkin spirits
attached to them and the “Lieschi” or “Genii of the Forest” are said to dwell in their tree tops. The Ghillie
Dhu (pronounced “Gillee Doo or Yoo”) are guardian tree spirits who are disguised as foliage and dislike
human beings. They prefer birch trees to all others, and jealously guard them from humans. If the spirit of the
Birch tree touches a head it leaves a white mark and the person turns insane. If it touches a heart, the person
will die.

Robert Graves, The White Goddess 1948