The noble-mindedness
Pleasant shape, tasteful clothes, modest
cheerful, likes to lead but not to obey, honest
unfaithful partner, tends to a demands,
tends not forgive mistakes, Pleasant shape,
tasteful clothes, modest know-it-all-attitude
and making decisions for others,
noble-minded, generous, good sense of
humour, practical.
Celtic name: Negetal (pronounced: nyettle)
Common names: Elm or Water-Elder

Celtic Lunar Month Info
12th Moon of the Celtic Year
Color: Grass Green
Gemstone: Green Jasper
Element: -
Bird: Owl or Goose

The Month of Reed represents
the mysteries of death.
Herbal uses, history & folklore below!
and this world dissolve. It is a night of great divination. Represents the hidden roots to all life. The Month of
Reed is associated with being both a savior and custodian. Pwyll, the Celtic ruler of the Otherworld was given
“The Stone” , one of four treasures given to him for safekeeping. The Stone represents the right of the kings
the dogs that guard the lunar mysteries. The Elm tree is a tree of Saturn and is associated with the element of

Herbal Usage
ine. Parts Used: Bark, leaves, wood
The Elm has many medicinal uses.  Slippery Elm bark can be powdered and made into a milk for babied that
can’t tolerate cow’s milk. In fact slippery Elm bark is good for many purposes. In tea it can ease insomnia and
sooth an upset tummy. It is also useful for enemas and makes good poultice material. This type of poultice can
be used on wounds, infections, ulcers, burns, and poison ivy.

History & Lore
he month of Elm / Reed is a good month for using music, especially music made by bagpipes and flutes, and
also for doing divination. Elm is sometimes said to symbolize the dark side of the psyche and so can be used in
psychic workings. The Elm is commonly known as “the elf friend”. If you desire to have contact with wood elves,
pick a grove of Elm trees and sit under them and sing. Around about dawn, the elves will have gotten over their
initial shyness and come out to join in the singing. Elm trees are also thought to provide a channel for the
communication with divas. To get an Elm tree to help you in this quest, offerings can be brought to a favorite
tree and left. The best offerings are wine, mead, tobacco, coins and sage. Tiny twigs of Elm can be worn in a
bag around a child’s neck as a charm to produce eloquent speech in later life. Elm wood may be bound with a
yellow cord and burned to prevent gossip. The Elm represents primordial female powers and therefore the
Elm is a tree with great protective qualities. The wood from the Elm can be made into talismans and charms
that can be worn for protection. The Elm also has the qualities of regeneration, boldness and fidelity, and so
added to its protective qualities, it is excellent when given as a good luck token to departing friends.

Robert Graves, The White Goddess 1948