Celtic name: Fearn (pronounced: fair un)
Common names: Alder, Gummy/Gluey
(European), Rugose/wrinkly (Tag),
Tree of the Fairies.

Celtic Lunar Month Info
4th Moon of the Celtic Year
Color: Crimson, Green-brown & Royal Purple
Planet: Venus
Bird: Raven, Crow & Gull

The month of Alder is a good time to
celebrate the connection and tie between all
women, and the mother-daughter bond.
Herbal  uses, history & folklore below!
Month of Alder
outside forces. Alder leaves or twigs can be carried in a pouch to act as a protection charm and as a powerful  
Alder is known as the “fairy’s tree” in Celtic lore, so is good for fairy magic. The faeries are said to like to
dance under the trees when they are flowering. Carrying Alder twigs or flowers acts as a charm for
communicating with the fey.

Herbal usage
Masculine. Parts Used: Branches, wood, bark, leaves.
Alder is in the hazelnut family and was used by Native Americans as a medicinal plant. Tea can be made from
bark and is useful in treating diarrhea, coughs, toothaches and the discomfort of childbirth. A potion made
from the bark can also be used externally as an eye wash or for a wash for poison ivy, swellings and sprains.
When harvesting bark or leaves from the Alder, remember to ask the tree if it will allow you to take the parts and
be sure to leave the tree an offering of thanks when you are done. To prepare Alder wood for use, beat the
bark away with a willow stick while projecting your wishes into it.

History & Lore
The Alder is sacred to Bran the Blessed and Cronos (Saturn). Alder is also sacred to Faery kings and elf
kings – from the word Alder comes elder (not the tree) as in ‘elder’ kings. The Fey of the Alder have been
described as water spirits or as “Dark Faeries”. They are very protective of the tree and when they leave their
trees, this Faerie will take the form of a Raven. In tree Folk-lore, the Alder is known as the tree of fire – In the
battle of the trees, the Alder fought in the very front line. It is described as the very “battle witch” of all woods,
the tree that is hottest in the fight.

Robert Graves, The White Goddess 1948

The Elder
between all women, and the mother-daughter
bond. Applies a magical finesse to spiritual
decisions & daily duties. Prophecy, oracular
strength, intelligence and mental prowess are
strong. Protection from outside forces.