Going out on a Limb...   
Helping you Branch Out.
Hi! Welcome to Treepliciti!

You, Me, We!

My goal for this website is to make learning about metaphysical topics easy, fun and
accessible for awakening souls to find information on higher vibration living!

A lot of the information found here is ageless, coming from sacred world text or from
enlightened, intuitive souls whom are role models for ascended living.

Beyond just information (also known as light) Treepliciti seeks to activate your inner
voice of truth. Learning to listen to the GOOD VOICE in your head!

For those of you who wish to know more, Treepliciti provides links to ways of
feeling healing and keys to living a high vibe lifestyle!

Love, Light & Laughter!
~ Karianne Marie Alexander
Going Out on a Limb... Helping You Branch Out!